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The biggest problem with bitcoin right now is not everyone has it. Why would Amazon or Facebook take bitcoins as payment when nearly 0% of the population has bitcoin? Help increase the utility and value of bitcoin by giving it to friends and family.

Give coins now!

How? Two options two prices:

  1. We mail instructions and a paper wallet for you (.004 bitcoins) Give »
  2. We create a PDF of instructions and a paper wallet (what is that?) for you to print and hand deliver. (FREE) Give »


  1. Giving bitcoin will get others excited about bitcoin, increase bitcoin demand, and increase the bitcoin price.
  2. Throughout the year it is almost compulsory to give gifts. Bitcoin can be a life changing gift.
  3. Bitcoin can be sent electronically through services like Coinbase, but digital gifts can cause holiday stress, so we help you give physical bitcoin gifts.

For Christmas

Bitcoin is a great Christmas gift. Instead of giving loved ones a present that might sit and grow dusty before being donated or trashed - give them bitcoin and open their mind to an exciting new world of possibility and wealth.

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For Birthdays

One of the best gifts WAS US savings bonds. Well it used to be a great gift. Much better than savings bonds bitcoin have returned 400% per year! Like Gold Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation.

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For Kids

Bitcoin is great for kids. Tired of kids asking to use your credit card for online purchases? Bitcoin empowers them as consumers. Tired of investments with low returns? One gentleman spent $27 on Bitcoin. Four few years later it had grown to over $500,000 worth.

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